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Is there a question that you’ve always wanted to ask a trans person but you’re not sure if you should? Is there something that you’re curious about but think would be rude? Are you unsure about the words you should use when talking about a trans person? Are there questions you know you shouldn’t ask a trans person, but don’t understand why?

Consider this your chance to ask all of those questions.

It’s totally ok not to understand all the language used in trans and non-binary communities – even I’m learning new words and ways to understand my gender all the time! While no trans or non-binary folks should have to answer intrusive questions from cis folks, I want to create a space where cis people CAN ask those questions, as a way to help them understand why ‘what are your pronouns?’ is an acceptable question but ‘what’s in your pants?’ is not. 

Cis people shouldn’t expect trans people to always do the work of educating them on why certain questions are rude. The difference here is that I am explicitly soliciting your questions – especially the questions you’re not sure if you can (or know you shouldn’t!) ask. This is a judgement-free, question-asking amnesty, where you will not be shamed for asking something you feel like you “should” know or saying something offensive. (Though obviously I retain the right not to answer questions that make me uncomfortable.)

Use the form bellow to ask me your questions, and I look forward to answering them.