Mini media medley #1

The plan was to take a week off from publishing content here to prioritise my mental health. Then I came up with the idea of doing a mini media round-up (or medley), so instead of taking a break I’m sharing some resources that will be useful for folks who want to learn more about queer and trans issues.

These are all pieces of content I’ve loved over the last few weeks, so welcome to the first ever Mini Media Medley! This week, I think y’all should check out…

this podcast episode about the history of Stonewall

This remains the only episode of You’re Wrong About that I’ve listened to, and I admit that it’s only because it was shared in the Gender Reveal podcast feed. I’m so glad that I did listen, because there’s so much I didn’t know I didn’t know about the Stonewall Uprising. If you’ve spent the last month wondering why queer folx keep saying that ‘the first pride was a riot!’ then this is the podcast episode for you, because it explores why Stonewall was (and also wasn’t) a turning point for the gay rights movement. Even as someone who is unapologetically queer, there’s so much of my community’s history that I didn’t know, and so many names that I hadn’t heard.

this Instagram post on how to get better at someone’s new pronouns

I love this info-graphic-y series so much, because it captures something that it feels like I’ve spent a LOT of the last few months trying to say. As a trans person, I don’t want to hear cis folks say “I’m trying but it’s really hard!” – I want them to do better. This post shares seven actionable tips to help you get better at getting new pronouns right, from “When you slip up, correct yourself briefly and move on” to “Don’t make them alleviate your guilt”. It gives you formats for how to interrupt someone to correct them if they’re misgendering you (or someone else!) and the art (by @tai.draws) is really fucking beautiful.

this awesome guide on how to call your MP about trans rights

I love Gendered Intelligence – who are a national trans-led charity working to improve the lives of trans and non-binary folx in the UK – and I love this guide. Remember how I put together a list of actions that cis allies should take about the GRA reforms being shelved? Well, even more important than all of those actions is calling your MP – it shows how important trans rights are to you as a cis person (whose voice will, however incorrectly, be listened to more than mine as a trans person). Once you’ve read the tips in this guide, use their super helpful tool to actually call your MP. They give you a script with the main talking points to make, and it gives you an easy way to step up and speak in support of trans people right now.

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Quinn Rhodes (he/him) is a queer, trans, disabled sex writer. He’s a sex nerd with vaginismus who creates educational content about trans inclusivity. Quinn can usually be found wearing stomp-on-the-patriarchy boots and figuring out what it means to be a feminist who's also a trans guy. For more explicit writing about his adventures in learning to fuck without fucking up, check out

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